First published in  CubedGamers (Printed Edition): August 2016

The existence of Resonance and thematically similar games published by Wadjet Eye begs a simple question. Does Wadjet Eye purposefully seek out to publish dystopian sci-fi games, or do indie point and click adventure game developers have a penchant for telling Blade Runner-esque yarns? Probably the latter!

Following on from the well-received Gemini Rue, Wadjet released Resonance, developed by Vince Twelve in his spare time over a five years, contributing all of the writing, programming and special effects himself before Wadjet agreed to take on the game and finish it. A complex race against the time plot involving a potentially lethal scientific experiment falling in to the wrong hands is told through the experiences of four playable characters, with a few innovations involving the ability to interact with your short and long term memory to solve puzzles. Switching between the characters can be tedious at times.

The most impressive aspect of the game is that each of the characters has a motive to be involved in the game, rather than the typical “nosey” character that stumbles into the game and rides through the plot. Initially obscured are the characters motives, which may chafe with gamers who instinctively want to play the good guy, and those gamers who prefer their characters to be richly drawn. The graphics are pixelated retro, but that’s no issue when they are of such high quality

Verdict: A labour of love.


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