You’ll get accountability with Conservative delivery, Make sure this time you get it right, vote for Greg Knight

Amazing how a few catchphrases can sum up an election. Strong and Stable? Weak and Wobbly? For the Many not the Few? The 2017 Election will be defined by its soundbites, which blew through it like a blizzard more vicious even than one that Nick Clegg walked through in 2010 when he batted aside the broken promises fluttering around Westminster.

At the time of writing, Jeremy Corbyn appears to have had the better campaign, based on large rallies and policy announcements, but it’s hard to tell whether his efforts will translate into an increase in seats for Labour. There are two ways to look at Theresa May’s campaign; either she’s had a mare, or the Conservatives have once again outsmarted everyone by running a bad campaign that looks like a good one.

The award for Best Campaign 2017 goes to Greg “Alan Partridge” Knight for his campaign video jingle. Theresa May should get rid of Nick Timothy of “dementia tax” fame, and get Knight in to do a few more. Unless the YouGov polls are right, then his prediction of Conservative delivery will come true.

Whether or not there will be any accountability is a different matter. Where is that £350 million pounds a week for the NHS going to come from? Where have the promises for increasing disability employment numbers and affordable homes gone? There are thousands of voters who want answers to these questions. The rest of us just want to know what the Brexit strategy is.

Voters seeking answers to these questions or some kind of redress better put up their umbrellas, because as well as election day rain, the only weather on the horizon is further cuts to welfare and local government. They should count themselves lucky that several polling companies have concluded that the idea that the weather on Election Day deters left wing voters  is a myth.


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