My First International by Redfern Froggatt

The following article first appeared in FA Book for Boys 1953: 

In November 1952, two young footballers – one a professional, the other an amateur – played for their country for the first time. Redfern Froggatt, inside forward of Sheffield Wednesday, was in the England team against Wales, at Wembley, on 12th November; and Gerry Alexander, of Cambridge University and Pegasus, played for the England Amateur XI against Holland, at Hull, three days later. When they had had time to settle down and reflect on the thrills and excitement of their first international we got Redfern and Gerry together to swap impressions and experiences.

FROGGATT: The first I heard about my selection was when I recieved a telegram. How did you get to know youd been picked?

ALEXANDER: I was having tea with the Cambridge captain. We were trying to build a team to beat Oxford in the Varsity match in December. Suddenly, the telephone rang and a voice asked for me. It was a London newspaper reporter. He told me I had been chosen to play for England Amateur XI against Holland, at Hull. I was very surprised. Were you?

FROGGATT: Well, I had dared to hope a little. My club was doing well in the League, and I had been playing better than I had ever played before.

ALEXANDER: A lot of the newspapers suggested you were in line for a cap?

FROGGATT: Yes, the critics had been very kind to me. But I still could not believe my luck, even when I had the telegram in my hand. For me, it meant all my hopes coming true. I had gained my schoolboy ambition and I was quite overwhelmed. I was lucky, I suppose, in being the son of a professional footballer. My father used to play for Sheffield Wednesday, and I learnt everything I know from him. I worked my way up into the team from the local Y.M.C.A. club, but I was a Wednesday supporter from the moment I left the cradle! They call us “The Owls.”

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