Principle 5 Co-op Resource CentreI am currently serving as a Director of Principle5: The Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre. It is a member organisation that provides a facility for members to develop ideas about co-operation. How the Movement evolved the potential to transform society for the better, and how co-operatives are changing the world.

It offers a lending library of books which tell stories of the successes and failures of co-operatives, practical information for people involved in co-ops and research materials for social historians. The Centre is a friendly and accessible place where members can learn more about the Co-operative Movement.

Aside from protecting the materials in the archive and making them available for members, the resource centre provides a focus for co-operative education and culture through talks, discussions, film screenings, social events, visits to other co-operative venues, study groups etc. It is proactive in helping to cultivate co-operative community, and working with other organisations with compatible aims.