Tis The Season…to play Christmas Themed Games!

What is Christmas? Its deck the halls, sage and onion, robin redbreasts, and carol singing. It’s also time to kick back, settle in from the cold, and catch up on your gaming. Picture the scene:

 You’ve unwrapped your presents, eaten your turkey, and now you’re bored. You didn’t get any DVD box sets this year because you’ve decided to go stream only. There’s nothing on the television apart from repeats, that or the BBC is proudly showing last year’s Disney hit. You got tired of Facebook warriors who insist on telling everyone that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. The only alternative is to head for your computer or console, and to try and rekindle some of the festive cheer through some good honest yuletide gaming. The best of the season too you all!

James Pond 2: RoboCod (1991)

Stop stuffing the turkey – Christmas has been cancelled! The evil Acme Oil Company has been destroyed, but James Pond’s arch enemy Dr Maybe has survived, escaping to the North Pole, where he has kidnapped Santa and taken over his workshop. Only James Pond, the world’s most famous secret agent fish, can save the day.

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